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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Build Safe

I think DCP's title adequately sums up the contents of this video: "Dumbass Construction"

Friday, March 30, 2007

Future Perfect

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I am officially unemployed.

Today was my last day at work.
Now begins the slow, and not-so-slow, drain of my financial reserves and mental stability until I can figure out how I can support myself in the future.

But, in true coastal fashion, I will go surfing first and worry about that later.

Here’s what’s coming up in the near future for me:

Tomorrow: Moving Sale Extravaganza!
You too can take over my life…my apartment is available, my boss is hiring, and you can have just about everything I own here…get your own dog.

Then Oskar and I drive up the coast for a last bit of camping and surfing. Kirra, Angourie, D-Bah, Snapper Rocks…gotta check them all out before leaving.

Oskar and I then fly out of here on May 2, arrive in LA, and spend a couple days with my good friends Steve & Kate.

After that short breather, it’s back in the flying tube for Oskar and me for a nice long visit with my beloved family. It’s been too long! Can’t wait to see you all again.

Finally: Back in Portland in time to reclaim my house from the tenants on June 1.
At this time I will be launching my own architectural practice…um, got any work?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An Oskar Art Moment


Oskar the Giant has a Posse.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Maher to Think About

From Bill Maher:

New Rule
Liberals must stop saying President Bush hasn't asked Americans to sacrifice for the war on terror:

On the contrary, he's asked us to sacrifice something enormous: our civil rights.

Now, when I heard George Bush was reading my emails, I probably had the same reaction you did: George Bush can read?! Yes, he can. And this administration has read your phone records, credit card statements, mail, Internet logs. I can't tell if they're fighting a war on terror or producing the next season of "Cheaters." I mail myself a copy of the Constitution every morning just on the hope they'll open it and see what it says.

So when it comes to sacrifice, don't kid yourself. You have given up a lot. You've given up faith in your government's honesty, the goodwill of people overseas, and six-tenths of the Bill of Rights.

Here's what you've sacrificed: search and seizure, warrants, self-incrimination, trial by jury, cruel and unusual punishment. Here's what you have left: handguns, religion, and they can't make you quarter a British soldier. If Prince Harry invades the Inland Empire, he has to bring a tent.

...after 9/11, President Bush told us Osama bin Laden could run but he couldn't hide. But, then he ran and hid. So, Bush went to Plan B: pissing on the Constitution and torturing random people.

Conservatives always say the great thing Reagan did was make us feel good about America again. Well, do you feel good about America now? I'll give you my answer, and to get it out of me, you don't even have to hold my head underwater and have a snarling guard dog rip my nuts off. No, I don't feel very good about that.

They say evil happens when good men do nothing. Well, the Democrats prove it also happens when mediocre people do nothing.

(via WWdN via Daily Kos)

Too many NZ photos

Bunches of New Zealand photos for my fellow travelers and anyone else who has an interest:


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Farewell Oz... G'day USA

Monday I gave my notice at work, and informed my Landlord of my intent to move out.
Yes, after two years on these bronzed aussie shores, I am returning stateside.

I expect to be back in my house in Portland, OR by beginning of June.

First, though, a couple weeks in the car with the dog to see a bit more of Australia before departing, and then some time on the U.S. east coast to see my wonderful family.

Hope to see many of you again soon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Zealand Trip Photos

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The trip to New Zealand's south island was fantastic. Five people in a minivan for six days, and everyone still likes each other! How awesome is that? I believe we achieved the magic combination of excellent people, stunning scenery, mostly good music, and plentiful stubbies. I'll let a few photos tell stories:

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A nice hike to the glaciers on Mt. Cook.

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The mind blowing road to Milford Sound. Someone looked at this wall of stone and thought..."lets put a road in that". Look closely and try to establish a scale reference.

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Milford Sound Fjord (the captain told us the truth). Pictures just don't even come close to the experience. Especially the part where the captain pulls the boat under a raging waterfall of ice water, soaking you, and you still don't mind somehow. Ok, maybe you begin to mind an hour into to the drive out with wet jeans...

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The morning's snow had a few thousand waterfalls working for our viewing pleasure.

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The front of the boat, prior to the deluge.

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These guys say: jump in, the water is fine. We tasted it - it is fine.

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Aren't motels a drag?

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Queenstown. The scenery makes you forget to notice the tour buses.

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So do the Sassy stubbies.

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Crazy hoons about to hurtle themselves down something.

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The Beatles "Paul is Dead" photo. Francis is Paul. I'll let you choose which Beatle is represented by Lisa, Jason, and Jen.

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Lisa rides for Rohan.

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Jason and Jen fording the Great River on the way to Helms Deep.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lady Elliot Island

Real quick post before we head to the airport for the flight to New Zealand:

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Francis, Lisa, Jason & Jen are all here from Portland, and we just spent a wonderful few days on a little dot in the ocean off the coast of Queensland, on the Great Barrier Reef.

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It was all about the snorkeling and the relaxing. Oh, and the birds...90,000 of them according to the island staff. I think the count was a bit low, personally.

Really good sea life of all sorts, including up-close and personal with a couple sharks. Harmless, they tell us, but the blood still quickens. Did my first wreck dive, complete with plastic skeleton lurking in the cabin. Nesting turtles are common on the island, including one that picked a spot right in front of our room. Hatchling turtles making the scamper down the beach for the sea are just too adorable. They tell us that 1 out of 1000 make it to adulthood, but then can live for 300 years if they don't end up in a soup pot.

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This lil' guy wouldn't make much soup.

More in a week...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

PDX in Sydney

Jason, Jen, & Francis have arrived in Sydney!

Unfortunately, their luggage did not.

A couple days in Sydney already, they left today for Ayers Rock. Hopefully their baggage will catch up with them there, per Qantas' promises.
They look pretty fetching in their hastily purchased budget surfwear though, so what's a few more days?

One other thing though:
Beware of the Purple Wiggle.
That is all.

In Russia, subway rides YOU!

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Now that's some subway station detailing! I'll have to start specifying more chandeliers in my work.

Picture is from an article titled "11 Top Underground Transit Systems in the World" (Virgin Vacations, via Fark). This baroque extravaganza in Moscow is only #3 on the list, though they appear to be judging with criteria other than just sheer weight of decorative plaster.

Surprisingly NOT surprisingly, Sydney's trains don't make the list.