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Thursday, March 01, 2007

PDX in Sydney

Jason, Jen, & Francis have arrived in Sydney!

Unfortunately, their luggage did not.

A couple days in Sydney already, they left today for Ayers Rock. Hopefully their baggage will catch up with them there, per Qantas' promises.
They look pretty fetching in their hastily purchased budget surfwear though, so what's a few more days?

One other thing though:
Beware of the Purple Wiggle.
That is all.


Anonymous Carrie D said...

in an email purge, I ran across an email from a certain Hunter Williams, and thought, hmmm, I wonder what ever happend to him. And one google search later, what should appear but a picture of Oskar the dog! I hope all is well is Aussie land! I didn't have time to look much at your blog, but saw some really cool photos!

Take care!

11:22 AM  

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