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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Barney Cam

Watch the video here and shake your head in disbelief.
Yes, that is the real White House website. And yes, that is the President of the United States having a conversation with his dog.

"View of the Oval Office from South Lawn outside the Rose Garden. Transition inside the Oval Office where President Bush, seated at his desk, talks with Barney who is sitting on a chair across from him.)

Barney listens to President George W. Bush during a meeting in the Oval Office, Friday, Dec. 1, 2006, to discuss plans for the 2006 Barney Cam.President Bush: Barney, it’s time for BarneyCam. Are you ready for it this year? Say, what’s the plot about? (Close-up of Barney, blank look.) I can see from the look on your face, Barney, that you haven’t even thought about the plot. Hey Barney, you better get started and you better run along right now!"

Also "acting" in this video is Karl Rove. And the Press Secretary. And the Secretary of Education. And the Secretary of the Treasury. And the Director of OMB. And Laura Bush, who is especially wooden. And the list goes on, all the way to...Dolly Parton?? Didn't realize she was on the staff.

All talking to a dog about organizing a Christmas Extravaganza.

Sometimes Usually truth is stranger than fiction.

At least this time the White House is just "scary Huh?" and not their usual plain "scary scary".


Blogger Jege (Jen) said...

Barney is clearly thinking: "you can kiss my black furry ass, you stupid fucking cracker".

10:56 AM  

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