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Sunday, December 03, 2006

High (trans-fat) Tide

Ahhh...the bountiful sea.
Thursday in North Carolina the ocean offered up nacho libre. Cool Ranch seafood. Mexican man-o-wars. Tortilla of the sea - salted of course.

Dorito Spill

NC residents can be seen here participating in a most enthusiastic beach clean-up. Many were seen scanning the horizon, hopeful for flotillas of salsa and Miller Lite.

Republicans were heard muttering about the "mexican invasion" and border security; yet their misgivings did not prevent them from filling the Hummer with snack-packs. One was said to have even given a couple bags to her gardener.

So far, all we ever get washing up on the beach here in Manly is jellyfish and Japanese tourists, but I'm watching more closely from now on.


Blogger forest said...

hmm. out of sequence with the bales of marijuana jetsom that the carolina shores occasionally offer

7:44 AM  
Blogger Hunter Williams said...

I see what you are saying...
surfers would never need to leave the water

9:23 AM  

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