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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pack Your Bags

Considering a visit?
Consider this: Jan 6 - 27 is the Sydney Festival
Performing Arts of all flavors - from Lou Reed to Mamootot.
Music, Theater, Dance, Physical Theater, Visual Arts & Cinema.

Additionally, it is deep summer - hot and sunny. Think about that in a month.
There is outdoor cinema at the Botanical Garden directly across from the Opera House (and elsewhere).
Jan 26th is Australia Day - watch the Aussie Pride swell to dangerous levels, scream "Oi, Oi, Oi" at acrobatic jets, and enjoy a cold schooner of VB under the fireworks.

Surfers may want to consider a different season...waves are flattest at this time of year.
It is fortunate how that works out though...otherwise scores more British backpackers would be lost to the sea.

I know you are thinking about it...do it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right we need to commit! Are you still thinking of returning to portland in March?

3:48 AM  

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