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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sydney Open 2006

AMP Building top deck

On Sunday 5 Nov. the Historical Houses Trust hosted "Sydney Open 2006". This event gives access to 50 or so buildings and properties, most of which are not usually accessible to the general public.

Candace and I enjoyed the day visiting great buildings - some that we have always wanted to see as well as discovering gems that we didn't even know about.

HHT Head Office at The Mint 7

Getting inside the new Norman Foster building 'Deutsche Bank Place' was a highlight (and a long wait). A solicitor's office on the 26th floor that we visited had beautiful detailing, a stunning view, and an art collection to rival lesser museums. Unfortunately, security was tight, and no pictures were allowed.

The AMP building is a favorite of mine; an elegant early Modern edifice. The interiors were a bit dated (or remodeled with a heavy hand - no interior photos allowed), but the wrap-around top deck with the soaring arced roof is fantastic.

Societe Generale Building

Some of the older buildings were quite impressive as well. The Societe Generale Building was a new discovery for me, and luscious in it's appointments. Even the caretaker's floor was coated in marble and decorative ironwork.

Perhaps the surprise "find" of the day came from a property that we almost skipped. The Historic Houses Trust's own offices - a superb remodel and modern addition hidden within The Mint complex. The excellent detail and sensitive interaction with the heritage buildings made this a standout.

HHT Head Office at The Mint 1

A few additional photos from the day can be viewed here.


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