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Saturday, February 03, 2007

VW Phaeton Factory

Who knew a factory could be such a nice place?
Heck, I can't even keep my house this clean and I'm not doing any manufacturing.

This is the Dresden, Germany, factory for Volkswagen's Phaeton top-of-the-line automobiles.

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Awesome rotating car lift.

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Lots of light and space on the manufacturing line.

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Check the maple floor. The maple floor that moves, rotates, and lifts, that is. I'd sure hate to be the guy who spills the bucket of grease.
Note the factory workers wearing WHITE.

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Glass boxes in the landscape. This factory is apparently near the center of Dresden, and on a light rail line for commuters. Is this what Detroit looks like too?

More great photos and descriptions and info at VWvortex.

Very very impressive. The logistics of putting these buildings and custom machinery together is simply mindblowing. A simple auditorium is almost enough to send me over the edge...this is nuts.

I'm keeping these photos to show to Contractors who tell me something "can't be done". (...in response to those totally unrealistic requests like "please make the corner straight")


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Mother of f*** god.


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