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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Trailer -Treasure

The trailer, or "caravan" is a popular way of getting out and about in Australia. In fact, this country seems ideally suited to them - pull up on a piece of coast and park it for awhile. While pitching a tent is easy enough and perfectly adequate, I can't help but drool over particularly sweet bits of trailage.

Basecamp (airstream)

It's the little ones that appeal the most to me. Towing a trailer is reason enough not to get one - slow, ponderous, gas guzzling, limited to reasonable roads. Driving behind someone towing a behemoth is reason to hate them.

But some of the little ones don't require an SUV to move 'em, and can be quite nimble. I've seen a few Oz-engineered versions that are even jacked up with off-road tires and suspension.

Other Oz versions are custom creations of remarkable ingenuity that fold out like origami and create much larger structures plus have mounts for the BBQ and all the toys. I really should photograph some of them on my next outing.

For the time being, here are some slick looking mini campers that I wouldn't mind parking for weeks at a time beside a perfect left on the remote west coast.

This Deseo is a bit large, but it is niiiice... all sorts of modular multi-useage practical bits and check this scan-design interior.

The Bambi CCD (airstream)
Timeless classic.
See the Basecamp above and in this link for a more aggro-kid trailer.

Teardrop (desert tears)
Compact, but functional...if you are short.

BIOD 1969 Extase (via biod.net)

A few more:
the T@B
the Squidget
the Concord
the Puck


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was in New Zealand, there were a number of custom-built trailers they called "house trucks". It was usually a late-model flat bed one-ton or bigger with a wood framed structure on top. Very ingenious, with stained glass windows and recycled church pews. They weren't very mobile. The idea was to move it somewhere for six months or a year or two, where it would serve as a second home. When I was picking apples, some of the pickers had house trucks and they would throw parties at night and we would fit eight or ten people in a trailer. It was a welcome change from the Eureka dome tent.


2:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Hunter,
I've been enjoying reading your silly blogs recently. It's good to see you haven't changed a bit.
In case you were feeling homesick at all, check out these videos and you'll soon be cured.



Hope all is well for you down under. I guess I don't have your latest email.
Stephanie Poole

5:29 PM  

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