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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Video where the 3 guys from the British car program Top Gear paint slogans on each other's cars and attempt to drive through Alabama without getting beat down.
Slogans include:
"Hillary For President"
"Nascar Sucks"
"Man Love Rules"

Remember Reverend Ted Haggard?
This guy has crusaded against gay people for years-- including while he was going down on a hooker named Mike. He had President Bush's little pink ear while his community equated homosexuals with murderers and thieves. He told his wife he was going on spiritual writing retreats while he was getting laid in Boys Town, dreaming about twinkie-orgies and scoring meth. His sex worker couldn't take it anymore when the Good Reverend started campaigning against gay marriage for the Colorado state ballot, and came forward to spill the beans. (Susie Bright - Huff Post)
Well he has recently taken a 3 week "homosexuality cure" and is now, by his claim, perfectly straight.
Believe it? Great.
And for those skeptical, here is the Ted Haggard Betting Pool.

Bush on Health Care Reform - follow the logic in this:
In order to provide health care to uninsured very low income people - yes, people poor enough to fall below the threshold so that they don't pay taxes - he proposes...giving them a tax cut!
Well you gotta cut him slack, its the first he's thought about a domestic agenda.
(Healthy Link Insurance)


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