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Thursday, April 05, 2007

This week in the Bush Administration...

You've heard about the White House aide that lied to a Grand Jury;
you've heard about the FBI's abuse of the Patriot Act;
you've heard about the firing of U.S. Deputy Attorneys that prosecuted crimes regardless of political affiliation (as one should);
and no doubt you've heard about the poor treatment of wounded Iraq War veterans.

But here's a few more that you probably didn't hear (Ruth Marcus, Washington Post):

-The President's choice for the director of federal family planning was a guy who was also the director of a group that finds contraception "demeaning to women" and refuses to distribute it. Oh, and this guy just resigned amid wrongful billing inquiries.

-The President's choice for the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, who protects consumers from dangerous practices of manufacturers, was a top official of the National Association of Manufacturers.

-The President's choice for the head of the Fish and Wildlife Service has no academic background in biology, but has been overriding the recommendations of the scientists. She has also been sharing internal documents with industry and lobby groups on the side of lesser environmental protections.

- The number 2 guy at the Interior Department is an ex-coal lobbyist named Griles. He plead guilty in the Abramoff scandal.

- "Griles's new significant other, Sue Ellen Wooldridge, who helped him fend off ethics charges when they both worked at Interior, resigned as head of the Justice Department's environmental section. Wooldridge and Griles bought a $1 million beach house with the top lobbyist for the oil company ConocoPhillips; then Wooldridge -- supposedly with the blessing of ethics officials -- signed off on a move to ease up on anti-pollution requirements imposed on ConocoPhillips as part of a settlement."

- "Lurita Doan, a GOP mega-donor turned head of the General Services Administration, ...asked GSA employees how they could "help 'our candidates' in the next elections.""

Ruth's closing is also nice:

It's wrong to paint with too broad a brush here: Most administration officials are decent, honest and hardworking; the Clinton administration, like others before it, had its share of scoundrels and hacks. But there is something in the "loyal Bushies" mind-set of this administration and its fundamental scorn for government that contributes to this arrogant misbehavior.

If your faith is more in the operations of the private sector than in the capacity of government, if you have scant commitment to the laws you are pledged to enforce, if you see government less as a trust to be administered than a force to be used for the benefit of political and ideological allies, then this kind of behavior is the inevitable result.

In short, if you identify so completely with the foxes, it's no wonder that you end up with a henhouse that is so thoroughly, tragically trashed.


LATE EDIT - And then there's this, which I just ran across:

- Wolfowitz, the Bushie chickenhawk who was the "architect" of the Iraq War, who was then given the favoritism prize position of Head of the World Bank despite no prior banking experience, is up to no good again. He had a romance with an employee, which is against the rules. To resolve this breach of rules, he got her set up in a new job at the State Department where her salary was mysteriously inflated beyond all precedent to make her the SINGLE HIGHEST PAID STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL. Yes, his girlfriend makes more money than Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
(Murray Waas, Huff Post)

LATER EDIT - and this:

- Karl Rove uses a private email system for "about 95%" of his emailing, thus bypassing the White House mail servers which record everything, as required by law by the Presidential Records Act. Now why would someone who is operating within the law and for the good of the country need to keep his dealings off the record?
(Kathy Gill, About.com)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude - they're so not letting you back in they country. your last post pretty much emphasizes that point.


12:17 PM  

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