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Saturday, January 06, 2007


I just received the best news of the year.
(Yeah, so there has only been 6 days of it, but this is a contender for the remaining 359.)

Jason & Jen & Francis & Lisa are coming to visit!

They are coming at the end of February to take in Sydney & surrounds, the Great Barrier Reef, possibly Uluru, and also the south island of New Zealand - all in an ambitious 3 weeks. Personally I think they should just go ahead and make it 2 months.

Moon O House

Also, Forest sent me this interesting article on the political situation in the Maldives - apparently there's a little unrest over President Gayoom and cronies profiteering at the expense of the citizens. (Sound familiar?) It is the richest country in SE Asia (by per-capita GDP) but a very large number of the citizens live in very poor circumstances. Link-fu.

diver down
(complete with mask marks still on face)

And speaking of "...dives", I had a couple of nice scuba dives this morning at the North Head. Among the usual schools of fish, I saw lots of Nudibranchs, a puffer fish that was at least 2 feet long, a 2 1/2 foot lobster-like creature that the Aussies call a "crayfish", and a 5 foot Angel Shark.

slender haus

Speaking of places that are not dives, here is a little building that is a favorite of mine.
It is a remodel/addition to a nice old electrical substation. While its detailing could be resolved a bit better, it certainly makes the most out of a tiny little site by going vert. Note the lil' cafe that serves directly out the side of the building - no indoor public space. The units above, though small studios, must be pretty sweet with windows on 4 sides.


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