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Friday, December 29, 2006


By chance I came across the perfect thing to follow Mr. T ...

an A-Team Smartcar:

I pity the mileage

(thanks Smarts R us!)

But would Mr. T even fit? And can this wee car smash through fences?

Here is the original - as a reminder:

Mr T's ride

And to take the Smartcar theme a bit further...

Here is the Smartcar stack that was at Circular Quay last year (previously posted on Southern Latitudes):

Smartcar Parking

Smartcars are pretty prevalent here in Sydney, and their owners can choose to make some cash as they drive. Advertisers have noted that the little cars catch one's eye, and have decided to capitalize on this:

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You can, if you qualify as a "young, fun and socially connected urbanite", actually be supplied with the car for a mere $5 a day. (Oh, and your soul, signed over to Advertising.)

Urban dwellers should expect for these little cars to become a common site (if they are not already), given their ease of parking, great mileage, and advertising potential.

But that doesn't mean that you rural dwellers need to feel left out...here's a Smartcar that would be at home in South Carolina:

Monster Mini

(thanks again Smarts R us!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a hell of a commute, and we just got slammed with our third snow storm in three weeks. Where can I get one of those jacked-up e-cars?


11:37 AM  
Blogger Hunter Williams said...

what's that?

12:45 PM  

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